LG P500 Optimus One review

LG not long ago launched their initial Android 2.2 device in South Africa during a really rival price, though do we get what we compensate for?

“With a LG Optimus One, LG joins a Android revolution.”

Those were a difference of LG South Africa CEO Peet outpost Rooyen, as well as after putting a Optimus One by a paces they ring true.

The Optimus One runs a ultimate recover of Google’s Android handling system, chronicle 2.2 aka “FroYo.” It sports a 600 MHz Qualcomm processor, 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM, 170MB inner storage (expandable by approach of a microSD label of up to 32GB), 3.2” 320×480 capacitive hold shade as well as 3 megapixel camera.

Obviously a device has a faults, though during a cost indicate of R2,499 a lot can be forgiven.

Starting up…


Before being greeted by a comparatively customary Android setup wizard, we competence notice Vodacom branding as a phone boots up. The default Android browser launcher additionally bears a Vodafone Live icon. On shutdown we were additionally greeted with “Yebo Gogo!” in good large splendid red lettering.

While we perceived a pre-release chronicle of a device for review, buyers supportive to this arrange of thing should take mind prior to removing a device from Vodacom. It isn’t well known either MTN as well as Cell C will have a phone customised with their branding.

Navigating around

LG has activated a animations for entering as well as exiting applications upon their set up of Android upon a Optimus One, giving a altogether user knowledge a bit of polish.

Unfortunately this gloss doesn’t have up for a really jumpy scrolling in a menu or a distressing splash zooming in a default browser.

You can additionally stand in daub upon content to wizz in as well as as a single competence design from a half-decent smartphone browser, a content is wrapped automatically depending upon wizz level.

The LG Optimus One (P500) sports sincerely customary seeking menus, though LG have done a couple of tweaks which have been value noting.

On a tellurian pull-down complement menu, they’ve enclosed icons to carry out on/off functionality of Wi-fi, Bluetooth, a GPSr, 3G/mobile interpretation tie as well as receptive to advice notifications.

It’s a good hold which a menu has options for usually about anything we competence wish to switch upon or off quickly. While a little alternative Android inclination have a little of these options upon their complement menus, nothing which we have tested has all of them (unless you’re regulating a single of Cyanogen’s ultimate ROMs).

The focus menu additionally groups applications in to those which shipped with a phone as well as those which you’ve downloaded.


The greatest let-down of a device is which it uses a MSM7227 Qualcomm 600MHz processor, which usually supports a ARMv6 direction set.

This equates to which Firefox Mobile for Android, as well as Adobe Flash as well as AIR do not work upon a device as they need processors which await ARMv7 instructions in further to Android 2.2.

Miscellaneous issues


There was a single alternative large emanate as well as dual teenager issues we beheld whilst regulating a device.

Firstly, by monitoring a 3G use with a 3G Watchdog app, a Optimus One seems to eat your interpretation gold even when continuous to Wi-Fi.

Hopefully this is a pre-release program glitch which doesn’t endure in a prolongation model. The Optimus One during slightest creates it easy to invalidate a mobile interpretation connection, distinct alternative Android phones we’ve tested. It still won’t be excusable for a bug similar to this to have it in to a prolongation phone, however.

We additionally struggled to download attachments in Gmail as well as a default email app. Some messages with attachments, together with those where people had images in their signatures, even unsuccessful to bucket a initial time we open them.

The messages aren’t utterly untouched as we can go behind to your Inbox as well as click upon a mail again, causing it to display. Hopefully this is additionally due to a glitch in a pre-release software, though be rebuilt for it unless sensitive otherwise.

We should be reception sell versions of a phones shortly as well as will really exam to see if these glitches persist.

One final thing we beheld is which tethering around USB isn  ’t as good as upon an HTC device. When we block your HTC Android device in to a Personal Computer it can be set to obey an ethernet connection. With a Optimus One we have to dial it similar to a normal 3G modem.

This teenager emanate is rather mitigated by a actuality which a Optimus One can action as a unstable Wi-Fi hotspot, a customary underline of Android Froyo.


The Optimus One isn’t a undiluted device, distant from it in fact, though for R2,499 you’re removing a lot of phone for your Rand.

Welcome to a Android revolution, LG.

Blackberry 9700 Onyx Review

BlackBerry Bold 9700

Have we examination my personal examination on Blackberry 9700 “Onyx”? You have? Ok afterwards 🙂 This time we only got a Blackberry 9700 Onyx examination done by a friends. The disproportion in between my 9700 Onyx examination with their examination is which we didn’t got a possibility to try a device; though they do. Therefore, this examination can finish my 9700 examination since they can discuss it a opening of a 9700 directly…
Anyway, greatfully recollect which a 9700 Onyx section reviewed here is not a prolongation unit. It is a pre-release unit. Therefore hope for for updates 🙂 In this examination we will condensed a BGR examination as great as indicate a small critical parts, as great as if we would similar to to, we can compensate them a revisit during a couple supposing during finish of this review

Ok so lets only begin a 9700 Onyx Review, shall we?

BB Bold 9700 Onyx Hardware, Design, Screen:

Yap. They have reliable which this a singular is a a most pleasing Blackberry to date. At a behind of a phone, there’s a calculated tanned hide textured battery cover; which has a small fans (and haters). It is not as big than a tour, it has dull corners, as great as has powder-coated keyboard… In addition, a Blackberry Bold 9700 Onyx has titanium chrome finish upon a bezel as great as a tall shimmer black finish upon a front of a device. To have it short, it is the sexiest Blackberry pattern to date.

As we pronounced earlier, a default trackball was transposed with a visual one. While most not prolonged ago Tour users censure about a latest visual trackball; though a opening of this latest multiply of visual trackball is unequivocally upon tip of a predecessor. The quivering of a phone is additionally amazingly shrill as great as satisfactory.

About a screen, a folks during BGR found out which a Blackberry Bold 9700 Onyx has a most appropriate shade compared to alternative Blackberry phone to date. With fortitude of 480×36; a shade is unequivocally awesome. It offers colourful colors as great as appears as if they’re floating upon tip of a display.

BB Bold 9700 Onyx OS as great as Keyboard:

the pre-release Blackberry Bold 9700 Onyx came with OS… A bit opposite with a rumored OS 5.0 features. The a singular leaking over during a internet have a slight UI modernise with some-more blues, some-more gradients, updated icons as great as buttons as great as kinetic scrolling upon a small devices.After BGR updated a OS of a pre-release BB 9700 Onyx; they eventually got a updated facilities as great as sexified UI elements. We don’t know which OS will be used by a central BB 9700 Onyx yet…

The Blackberry Bold 9700 Onyx’s set of keys is a mix of a Bold as great as a Tour keyboards. Tour-shaped (little better) with a rebound as great as feel of a Bold keyboard. It’s unequivocally fantastic. Definitely not as vast as a strange Bold’s huge boat-sized chiclet pad, though it’s great. Once again, a BB Bold 9700 Onyx has a best set of keys to date.

BB Bold 9700 Onyx Phone utilities

The tangible ear orator seems reduction recessed than prior BlackBerrys as great as we could listen to callers shrill as great as transparent regulating a ear speaker. Speakerphone additionally worked great (as it should) with minimal exaggeration during limit volume. Quite refreshingly, a device didn’t get as well prohibited during prolonged voice sessions as great as we unequivocally had no problems regulating a phone as a phone.

BB Bold 9700 Onyx Browser:

The BBBold 9700 Onyx’s browser has been softened with Javascript support; though still it is not as great as alternative mobile browser. we suggest we to try regulating third apps browser similar to Opera Mini etc. The visual trackpad creates a surfing a web knowledge a well-spoken ride…

BB Bold 9700 Onyx Battery:

Quite simply a 9700 Onyx has a longest as great as most appropriate battery life. It competence be even softened than a 8900 battery. WOW. For a small severe  blackberry-pearl-9100-comparison-1statistics, a BlackBerry Bold with normal operate patterns lasted me around 7 hours of operate until a battery was dead. How prolonged do we consider a 9700 lasts regulating a expect same BlackBerry Bold battery? Try around fifteen hours. We’re articulate some-more than stand in with a faster CPU as great as regulating a same battery. Really conspicuous as great as will assistance those on-the-go warriors.

Note: Battery hold up was formed upon OS It’s dramatically worse in OS which a section is right away running.

Review Conclusion:

The BlackBerry 9700 combines a most-loved facilities which have been sprinkled about upon BlackBerry phones over a final year (3G, 3.2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, trackpad, QWERTY keyboard, not as big size, faster CPU) as great as combines them in to a singular voluptuous as great as compress package. It is simply a most appropriate Blackberry accessible to date.

Every singular thing about a BlackBerry 9700 screams high-end to us, as great as for a device that’s a partial of a Bold-series (the Bold won’t go anywhere, we’ve been told), it should. It’s a most appropriate of a most appropriate to come out of Research In Motion to date as great as we can’t wait for until everyone’s means to operate one.

So, see? we told we it is gonna be a most appropriate Blackberry phone to date.


BlackBerry Bold 9780 Reviews


BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) this anniversary alien a fresh band of smartphones, the BlackBerry Bold 9780: Armed with an operating arrangement (OS) 6 BlackBerry smartphone promises abounding advantages over antecedent versions or Onyx 9700 series.

This fresh archetypal has several improvements, including richer user interface and able browser based on WebKit, multimedia appearance and the added association and the accepted chase action is actual advantageous for 5-megapixel administrator of the chief administration of RIM articles Carlo Chiarello.

PC World appear Thursday (10/28/2010), the BlackBerry Bold 9780 3G buzz has a 2.4 inch seems to be the best important way to the rim to advance the adeptness of Onyx. One of these options is more good autofocus camera with beam and agenda zoom twice. 9780 Bold aloof appear common in November 624MHz processor, Bluetooth and chip GPS and Wi-Fi RIM additionally aggrandize the memory, the Bold 9780 smartphone has 512 megabytes of beam anamnesis can be added up to 32 GB.

BlackBerry Bold 9780: BlackBerry is the single of the many renouned mobile companies in the world. Their ultimate mobile, BlackBerry Bold 9780 has eventually launched by the Virgin Mobile. This palm set comes out in dual colors such as white as well as black.

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 comes out in 2.4-inch arrangement with 480 x 360 fortitude as well as this handset additionally have the 5-megapixel camera. The facilities of the handset is the 512MB peep memory, the mental recall label container (extended up to 32GB), GPS, 3G, WiFi as well as Bluetooth.

The handset comes out with WebKit-based browser which renders HTML web pages quickly

blackberry-bold-9780-white-sim-free-extra (1)

and beautifully. Additional fac  ilities of this BlackBerry Bold 9780 have been facilitate the government of amicable networking, RSS feeds as well as integrated entrance to BBM, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace as well as assorted present messaging applications.

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 was powered with BlackBerry Operating System 6. This handset sole for $124.99 with the 3-year/SuperTab stipulate agreement or $499.95 giveaway of contract.

ogers as well as Telus launched their rested BlackBerry Bolds this week, as well as Bell isn’t a single to be left out of a party. Today a device strike shelves with a $124.95 pricetag upon a three-year contract. That pricing puts it block in in in in between Rogers’ $149.99 as well as Telus’ $99.99. Bell’s small minion, Virgin Mobile, will additionally be picking it up in a nearby destiny for those who wish to put a handset price upon a tab.

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is a modernise of a 9700, together with 512 MB of RAM instead of 256 MB, a 5 megapixel camera instead of 3.2 megapixels, as well as a handling complement is right away 6.0, finish with WebKit browser, concept search, as well as a bevvy of UI upgrades. The 9700 will be removing a same facilities shortly enough. Other specs, similar to a HVGA display, Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, as well as 624 MHz processor have been only a same.


Now which a latest Bold has found a approach opposite all 3 vital Canadian carriers, we have to consternation because there’s such disproportion in pricing. $50 in in in between Rogers as well as Telus is significant, though a actuality which Bell lands precisely in in in between a dual strikes me as unlikely for a little reason. Whatever a reason, it can’t be which large of a deal, given a 9780 is only starting to sensitively reinstate a 9700 as well as not unequivocally capture any latest business – any one starting in for a normal BlackBerry would have only got a aged Bold instead.

Anyway, a BlackBerry 9780 is over here in a Bell store, if that’s your bag.

5 Hottest Christmas iPhone Apps

It’s Yuletide time- a holy of all holidays as well as an arise for celebrations as well as merriment! Do some-more with your iPhone as well as supplement a hold of panache in to a Yuletide celebrations. How? Download Yuletide apps in to your phone as well as have it an necessary partial of your holidays. As a Holiday deteriorate approaches, iPhone app developers begin rolling out apps dedicated to a festivals. This deteriorate is no opposite as well as we unequivocally have copiousness of choices to collect from. Here’s a endorsed list of 5 Hottest as well as must-have Yuletide APPs for your iPhone


Shopping as well as food have been necessary partial of Christmas. Epicurious gives we entrance to recipes for appetizing food. Search over 30,000 tantalizing recipes from master chefs opposite a world. Save as well as email your a one preferred recipes to friends, Read as well as share examination from alternative members as well as emanate selling lists- all in a orderly written app.


Spread a Yuletide cheer! Play Santa as well as go around distributing gifts with this Xcube Labs app. The diversion is sum fun. Ride upon a sleigh, operate a map since as well as dump a present ideally in to a funnel of a house. Put upon your Santa fit as well as let a celebratory suggestion trickle in.

Christmas Puzzles

This app is for any one who wants to exam his believe upon Christmas. Take these Yuletide puzzles as well as sense interesting contribution and anything insubstantial upon Christmas. There have been assorted levels of puzzles available. Ideal approach to relax after hours of celebrations. Let your kids fool around it as they wait for for a Santa to arrive during a door.

Christmas C@rds


Greet in character with Yuletide C@rds! Send personalized Yuletide greetings from your iPhone / iPod hold to your desired ones. Pick your preference from over 50 tasteful Yuletide templates, supplement photos as well as texts, save or send it directly. hahahaha..Easy as well as Quick. Isn’t it?

Better Yuletide List

Oh, 2 days left for Yuletide as well as we have been still not finished with your shopping? Then Better Yuletide List is only made to order for you. It allows we to do most things upon your iPhone similar to emanate opposite groups, set as well as lane budgets, lane what gifts we paid for final year as well as for whom, confederate it with residence book or trade it to send to others etc., to suggest we a most appropriate as well as discerning Yuletide selling experience.
So, have certain which we don’t dont think about to download these cold apps prior to we conduct in to a holidays. Surely, it will stand in your Yuletide Joy. Merry Christmas!

Will someone greatfully lay down with me over the crater of coffee as well as insist the ultimate disturb that’s unconditional smartphone photography addicts? It seems which applications similar to Instagram as well as Camera+ have been receiving off since people similar to to purposely have their photos demeanour aged as well as tarnished. Years of advances in CMOS technology, picture processing, as well as member miniaturization, have been rendered invalid by people who consider aged is the latest awesome. It’s usually removing worse with the key of “8mm Vintage Camera” by Nexvio [iTunes link], who charges $2 for their iPhone app which creates your videos demeanour similar to something out of the age of prohibition. Check out the representation subsequent to see what I’m articulate about.

Advanced tone correction? Nope, you’re not starting to find which here. Instead you’ll get scratches, grain, overexposed video which uncover “errors” with support rates, all in the name of art. I’m not the single to decider what is as well as isn’t tasteful. If it were up to me I’d live in the college of music unit with hard wood floors as well as have all my seat forged out of oak, though come upon people, do we unequivocally wish to spin your memories in to cleared out clips which have been formidable to decipher?

If this was giveaway I’d contend go ahead, try it out, though it isn’t. You’re profitable $2, income which could be put to improved operate upon the stand in espresso during the cafeteria around the corner, or which small additional we need to buy organic divert the subsequent time you’re during the supermarket contra the standard hormone laced glass which pretends to be healthy. If we do try it out, leave the criticism subsequent with the couple to your video. Curious to see what, if anything, great comes out of this. For kicks, because not jot down the steel unison or the soap-box regulating this app?

Sony Ericsson K800i Review

Cyber-shot digital still camera. And mobile phone

It’s here. A Cyber-shot digital camera and a small and sophisticated feature-packed 3G mobile phone all in one. Open the lens cover and you’re ready to take the picture. Bring the Sony Ericsson K800i with you and you have a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, built-in xenon flash and image and video stabilizer function ready for any moment, anytime. And a 3G phone for sharing your pictures. Instantly.

Get the best picture
With the Sony Ericsson K800i, it’s hard to take a bad picture. Get the picture you want with BestPic. The unique thing about this feature is that 4 of the resulting images were shot immediately before the camera key is pressed to complete the shot, and 4 immediately after. Pick the best. Delete the rest.

Enhanced imaging
A built-in xenon flash unit gives you real photographic light where lighting conditions are not optimal and Sony Ericsson K800i eliminates red eye making sure that the pictures you take are simply the best. A camera stabilizer function compensates any small movement of your hand when you’re taking a picture and shooting video.

Blog this
When you’ve taken a photo, you can share it straight away using Bluetooth, multimedia messaging or blog it. Take a photo add text and send it to a blog site. The site is created the first time you blog a photo and in return get a text message with the Web address and log in data. Send the address to friends and share your life in pictures.

Take and print
On each side of the 2” QVGA color screen you have photo keys to make using your Sony Ericsson K800i camera phone easy. For printing, the Sony Ericsson K800i supports the PictBridge standard. Connect the phone directly to a PictBridge-compliant printer using the USB cable and print your photos without a PC.

3G makes it possible
With proven 3G technology built-in, mobile Web browsing, photo blogging, downloading of multimedia content and video calling become a pleasant experience. Visit real internet sites with the Access NetFront browser and subscribe to automatic news updates with RSS Feeds. Multitask with Sony Ericsson K800i. Be engaged in a call or listen to the music player or FM radio while you search for information on the Web.

3G phone – work where you are
Stay mobile – work where you are. The Sony Ericsson K800i has everything you need to take your office on the road. And with 3G, you get a fast connection.

Mobile internet
You have web access, no matter where you go. And with the Access NetFront browser, web pages look just the way they are supposed to. Subscribe to RSS feeds to stay up-to-date. You receive news updates straight to your phone.

Email for real
Receive, read and send email, just as easily as if you were in the office. The Sony Ericsson K800i supports standard push email, a solution that allows you to receive email directly to your phone. Your 3G connection allows you to download heavy attachments quickly.

PC internet access – via your phone
Access the internet with your computer anywhere, instantly. Instead of plugging in a network cable, connect your PC to your phone with the included USB cable. Then your PC can use your phone’s 3G modem to get online*. If you prefer to connect without cables, use Bluetooth to pair your K800i with your PC (requires a PC with Bluetooth PAN NAP Profile).

Speak to a colleague and browse the web at the same time. Download files and send messages simultaneously. Multitasking means you can do many things at the same time.

Enhance with accessories

k800 sony ericsson
Stay free from wires. Connect to a Bluetooth headset and have your hands free for your pencil and order book. Get in your car and drive safely with a car handsfree solution. Accessories take your mobile experience one step further.

Elegant stick
It’s a phone, and it’s a camera. And either way, the Sony Ericsson K800i looks – and feels – good. Sober, elegant, easy to use. Classic design bursting with innovation.

Screen perfection
When you have a high-performance camera, you want a screen that measures up. The Sony Ericsson K800i’s large 2.0-inch (240×320 pixels) QVGA 262K-colour screen makes viewing images and other content pure pleasure.

Ergonomic keypad
The keypad. The tool that controls your phone. It just has to feel right. It should allow you to type in phone numbers and write text messages quickly. It should be responsive to your fingertips and facilitate multitasking. Agree? Then try the Sony Ericsson K800i’s keypad. It’s designed to please.

Cyber-shot quality
The Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber-shot camera features 3.2 megapixels, exciting effects, various scene modes and many other impressive features. It’s simply a highly capable camera that also happens to be – a phone.

Pick the best – BestPic
Taking perfect pictures of moving subjects isn’t easy. But BestPic increases your chances – nine times. BestPic technology lets you capture nine images in quick succession. As in any camera, you take a picture when you press the camera button. But with the Sony Ericsson K800i, you also get four pictures from just before you press the camera button and four from just after. Just check the results and pick the pictures you like the most. Store on Memory Stick Micro (M2, optional accessory).

Real flash
Dark nights and poor light indoors won’t stop you taking memorable photos with the Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber-shot camera. The Sony Ericsson K800i comes with a real flash. Used on many still cameras, the Xenon flash converts electrical energy into a pulse of intense white light. Your pictures become sharper, the colours brighter. The Xenon flash also has a red-eye reduction function.

Zoom and autofocus
There’s more to help you take just the pictures you want. Get close with the 16x digital zoom and stay sharp with autofocus.

Get rid of blur
Avoid blurry stills. Activate the image stabiliser function to get sharper still pictures. When you’re recording video, use the video stabiliser to compensate for those small hand vibrations.

Picture blogging
A blog site of your own lets you share your life in pictures. Blogging is easy. Take or choose a picture. Select send to blog, add a little text and publish. Share the link to your blog with friends and family. You get your own blog free with your Sony Ericsson K800i.

Easy printing – PictBridge
Printing directly from your Sony Ericsson K800i couldn’t be easier. No need for a computer or photo-editing software. Just connect the phone to a PictBridge-compliant printer with the USB cable (supplied in the kit), choose a picture and print.

Get creative

You’ve taken your photos, you’ve recorded your video clips. Now it’s time to get creative. PhotoDJ allows you to crop, edit and alter your images. With VideoDJ, you can combine different video sequences and add music and images. For a laugh, try Face warp. Take a photo and transform it funhouse mirror-style.

An entertainment centre
Taking pictures is a lot of fun. But when it comes to entertainment, the Sony Ericsson K800i doesn’t stop there. When you prefer to get your thrills via music or games, the Sony Ericsson K800i is there for you.

Music anytime, anywhere
The Sony Ericsson K800i has a fully fledged digital music player. Play your favourite music wherever you go. Organise your tracks and create playlists.

Your favourite channels
Tune in to your favourite radio channel with the FM radio. It features presets and lets you choose between manual or auto-search.

3D gaming
Get your adrenalin pumping with a fast-paced 3D game. Challenge a friend, connect via Bluetooth and play phone-to-phone. You’ll find several games embedded in your phone at purchase. When you’ve beaten them all, download new ones on Fun & downloads.

Tennis excitement – the WTA tour
Follow the world’s best female tennis players around the world, and see how the girls use their Sony Ericsson phones to relax and stay in touch between games. Check out the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour website – the place to get unique WTA downloads, try the Tennis Challenge and step behind the scenes with the players.